Chief Inspiration Officer

Tunch Diptas is an accomplished executive, coach and entrepreneur —a master of combining the discipline of mind and body—turning previously unobtainable goals into self-fulfillment and success stories.

Post graduation, Tunch mastered in International Economics. He has over 15 years of experience as a top performer in the corporate finance world. As a Certified Financial Planner, he has cultivated advanced relationships with high-net-worth clients.

Over the years, and as a result of his long time interest, he set his heart on consultancy. In this industry, Tunch has worked with executives from Fortune 500 companies, guiding them to acheive outstanding results. So far, Tunch has worked with soccer teams to reach championship status, early career executives to obtain leadership roles, and successful professionals to accomplish their dream career development.

Tunch provides a rich set of practical and life-tested ideas, concepts, and frameworks that will help those who want to change to be the best that they can be and become the person they want to be.

His ambition is to make people better in their focus area, discover their purpose, make a strategic plan, progress and finally get measurable, quantitative results with significant improvement in leadership and team building skills.

Tunch is also the co-founder of dgInspire. He brings his expertise to digital marketing world through inspiration, purpose, team work and branding. His years of coaching and corporate experience adds massive value to your business


Chief Marketing Officer

Canan got BSc degree in Business Administration at Hacettepe University in 2006 and then completed MSc in Marketing at Koç University in 2010.

She started her career as a research specialist in The Scientific and Technological Research Council, leading marketing, communication and public relation of European Union projects.

Driven by her passion for brand and marketing communications, she shifted to private sector in a multinational company as a Brand & License Manager. She managed licensing, strategic planning, innovation, branding, marketing and advertising processes of dozens of world-famous cartoon characters and brands for 2 years in more than 20 countries.

She also experienced marketing in pharmacetuicals, a much more regulated industry for 3 years. She worked in Pfizer as a Marketing Expert and in Boehringer Ingelheim as a Business Intelligent Analyst. Blending her analytical skills with her experience in marketing, she became an expert on market research, marketing mix optimization, concept development, forecasting, industry – competitor – trend analysis, brand auditing and business planning. During her research career, she received three awards from Turkish Research Association for her added- value on marketing and business processes.

Then, she worked in Danone as Strategy & Insight Manager and in Unilever as Media Insight Regional Lead (North Africa, Middle East, Turkey). She leveraged the fantastic opportunities that FMCG presented to express her creativity through developing new ideas for products, branding, and advertising.

Specializing in media measurement and tracking, she continued her career in Red Bull as a Media Manager. She led media team and media planning agencies for 2 years, executed the launch of global marketing projects, increasing awareness and brand love of the brand.

For the 3 years that followed, she worked with local & global brands as a freelance Branding and Marketing Strategist. Her client portfolio ranged from ecommerce, technology, food & beverage, jewellery, healthcare, travel blog, farming, education to mindfulness & coaching and authors & books.

Canan is also the Co-Founder of dgInspire. With a demonstrated history of digital marketing, her purpose is to inspire brands, people and organizations to find authentic and promising ideas and help them leverage new opportunities in a rapidly changing digital world, building successful and sustainable brands that will inspire the world with their purpose and vision.


Digital Strategy Director

Funda graduated from Istanbul University Business Administration in 2004 and then got her masters degree from Bilgi University on Interactive Marketing in 2016.
She is married and mom of a beautiful daughter.
As a digital marketing enthusiast, she is passionate about digitalization and emerging technology trends. She has 14 years both client-side and agency side experience in communication and marketing, having a chance to execute all steps of digital marketing process at the last seven years.
By adapting emerging technologies in insurance sector she had an important role of making the first wearable project that won two Silver Stevie Awards in Lifestyle and Experimental & Innovation under App Category.
In the last 2 years, she has been focused on working online reputation management, social media & digital marketing strategies for personal and corporate brands.
She is adopting a data-driven approach to build a strong online presence, review customize analytics, set up SMART objectives, create a strategy of prioritized improvements to how you deploy digital marketing media, technology and data to increase leads and sales.
She is also interested in yoga, meditation, mindfulness, healing and mind power. Currently, she is an active volunteer at TEMA (The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion) for reforestation and the protection of natural habitats in Turkey.

She believes that small contribution could make the world a better place.

Jordan Alcon

Digital Content Creator

As a Colorado native at heart, Jordan’s passion for the outdoors overwhelming shaped the person she is today. At just four years old, she was already learning to ski and play soccer. The years spent participating in athletics has ingrained her competitive drive to always take risks, aim high, and continually strive to be the best.
In fact, it was this very ambitious mindset that led her to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder, in pursuit of a dual degree studying Marketing and Psychology as well as a certificate in Operations and Information Management. But most notably her love has sports persisted, which is why she also attained a certificate in the Business of Sports.
Her career interests lie at the intersection of creative problem-solving and industrial psychology. Her recent experience working as a Leadership Development Intern at RippleMatch helped her gain considerable practice building positive brand image across her campus via a multitude of strategies ranging from word-of-mouth to digital means. She hopes to one day land a career in a consultancy- oriented role within the marketing agency industry.
Yet interestingly enough, her new position as Digital Content Creator is largely a result of a very exceptional relationship—one she built with her former soccer coach, Tunc. Her hidden talent of content editing coupled with her admiration for the company’s mission to inspire people to share their stories is all but the perfect opportunity for her to grow individually and professionally. She is beyond excited that collaborating with Tunc will impact more than just outcomes on a soccer field but rather will span across cultures, businesses, and countries alike.

Kirsten Hatton

Digital Production Designer

Kirsten Hatton is a recent graduate from the University of St.Thomas (UST) where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management. While Kirsten studied at UST, she was also fortunate enough to travel abroad to Berlin, Germany. Ultimately, it was this quintessential experience where she learned to stay calm in the face of adversity, trust herself as well as others, and always take advantage of every opportunity.

But more than this, she has a deep passion for digital marketing, event planning, and project management. Most notably, she has experience working with a nonprofit to help coordinate, organize, and brand large events for the entire organization. Furthermore, after completing a Digital Marketing course during her undergrad, the thirst to further her knowledge in the digital world motivated her to become Social Media Certified from Hubspot Academy.

Shortly after attaining this certification, she worked as a Social Media Account Executive for Bold North Tours and Bold North Pickleball, a recent travel start-up company in the Midwest. On top of her passion for developing social media brands, she continued cultivating her expertise in developing websites. In fact, the ability for everyone to create their own brand is precisely what Kirsten loves most about the digital ecosystem.

Aside from all the serious work, Kirsten has a passion for soccer as well. Playing this sport for most of her life instilled her “team first” mentality and the work ethic to always give 110% effort in everything she sets her mind to. It taught her that nothing comes easy but that nothing is ever out of reach. As her old soccer coach and the co-founder of dgInspire, Tunch, always told her, “Take risk.” Never settle for being comfortable. Soccer has challenged and shaped her into the person she is today; and she is beyond excited to continue her marketing career at dgInspire.


Content Creater, Copyrighter

After graduating from Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty Cinema-TV department in 2005, Ahu gained experience in the fields of cinema, TV series, media and news. She participated in the workshops of Boğaziçi University Turkish Language Department and Literature and Nazım Hikmet Academy Literature Department. Later on, Ahu started her reading and writing adventure, which she had been passionate about since her childhood. Finally, she took it to a professional level 5 years ago. Her love of literature, which started to gain consciousness and direction with Divan Literature in high school; then matured at university and later on with World Literature and Sufi Literature. Her adventure of writing started with diaries, continued with essays, stories, criticisms, and introductions. She began to write articles on cinema, news, sports, literature and produced content for various magazines, web pages, documentary and short film projects.
She has been working in the media, news and editorial fields for about 15 years. Ahu, who produces texts on the basis of interpretation, suggestion and criticism in the field of literature and cinema and content mainly on social media, life, personal development and fashion; is also a Yoga Alliance RYT 200 Yoga Instructor, a Usui Reiki 2 level practitioner and a licensed runner.

Soner Bülbül

Video Production

Soner Bulbul graduated from Mujdat Gezen Art Center majoring classical guitar in 2017. He graduated from Anadolu Universty Photography and Videography Associate Degree Program in 2019. He prepared and designed all corporate id photographs, promotional videos, internet posts and billboard backdrops of BTSO (Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Zirvedeki Kadınlar Summit in 2020.
In 2018, he attended Festival de Cannes Short Film Corner with the film Water (Su), which he is production manager. The short film Arise staring Göksel
Kortay, Selda Alkor, Haldun Boysan, which he is assistant director, film editor, VFX editor and music score composer, has won Best Film and Best Director
in Aasha Film Festival in India, Best 3rd Film in 7 cities 7 Saints Film Festival. He prepared product photograps of Turkish-French suitcase brand My Little Train.
Soner is leading all the video marketing process from concept development to storyboard creatiom, shooting and post production in Dginspire Digital Marketing Agency.

Fırat Cemgİl Karakuş


Fırat is a multipotentialite. His deep desire for learning and researching opened doors for him to explore many of his talents and develop an insight into how things work. Even as a kid, he would deconstruct toys and devices, eventually getting himself into trouble. He spent his childhood in the beautiful town of Fethiye, observing bugs, investigating plants, discovering nature. His curious nature eventually got him interested in everything he could get his hands on; astronomy, philosophy, music, literature, art… Later on, he moved to Izmir where he studied Computer Science at Dokuz Eylül University. During his study, he completed a variety of courses on web development, data analytics, and market research. Through the university’s clubs, he started acting, singing, and also playing chess, where he improved his critical thinking skills. After moving to Istanbul he worked as a market research assistant for a small jewelry company but the company’s very little interest in competition pushed him away. He worked at various short-term jobs and started his second degree at the Department of French Language and Literature at Istanbul University. Despite his young age, his enthusiastic approach to research makes him a perfect fit for the company. His admiration for the founders’ vision and the company’s mission made him, in his words “feel home.” His approach to his work is professional but also personal, where he sees his position as a playground to perpetuate his everlasting relationship with research, analysis, and classification of data.


Graphic Designer

Yunus graduated from Kırklareli University, Department of History. After graduation, he started moving forward in the designing are to do the job that he has always dreamed of. So, he decided to study graphic design and currently he is doing his associate degree at Istanbul University Graphic Design Department. He completed Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects courses and received many certificates and thus began to be an active designer in all areas of digital media.

He received a certificate for social media expertise and attended seminars and trainings.

In addition to being a graphic designer, he can manage Blender Program and makes three-dimensional models.