Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Video content has remarkable POWER!

1. More than 75% of online consumers will trust content that is delivered to them visually.
2. Close to two thirds of consumers have bought a product online as a direct result of watching a video.
3. Nine in every ten consumers claim that some form of video content has influenced a purchasing decision that they have made.

Video content plays an important role in the consumer journey, influencing brand discovery, consideration and purchasing decisions. This is a medium that has the potential to dramatically change the way your brand yourself and your company

We differentiate ourselves from traditional video production house. Because we’re a digital-first agency, we understand how video works across digital platforms. We know how to use video as part of that digital customer journey, how audiences engage with video online and the role that video can play in engaging audiences, driving conversions and increasing ROI.

We’ve helped a number of leading brands to tell their story through video, engaging new audiences and turning those audiences into consumers. We have helped to grow brand visibility in organic search, improve social engagement and enhance conversion rates.

Our specialties in video marketing are:

  • Video Marketing Strategy
  • On-site Video Production
  • Digital Animation and Motion Effects
  • Promotional and Explainer Videos
  • Video Search Optimization

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